Exilis is a binary format to store translation memories with the capability to be indexed for faster real-time fuzzy segment search.

This is not a server : the file remains in your computer (or in a shared drive). The idea is to have a common format which can be used by different CAT tools and be indexed (specific formats, such as SDL's .sdltm file, are indexed but the API is not public so only Trados can use it efficiently). It supports multiple connections in read mode, but only one in write mode. In write mode it is preferable to use it as a batch, i.e. to send full documents in one step, rather than segment per segment, closing the buffer each time.

Ths is based on Apache Lucene. Unfortunately the .NET version of Lucene is only compliant with old versions of the Java version. That's the reason why there are so many variants of this tool.

  • Version 1 for Java : based on Lucene 3.0 for compatibility with Lucene.NET 2.9, which is the only stable yet
  • Version 1 for .NET : based on Lucene.NET 2.9
  • Version 2 for Java : based on Lucene 4.8 for compatibility with Lucene.NET 4.8, actually beta
  • Version 2 for .NET : based on Lucene.NET 4.8
  • Version 2-F for .NET : based on FlexLucene 5.2, for compatibility with Java version 5.2 used by Omega-T.

Code will be available later.


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