Elefas Maximus

Maximus is the new release of Elefas translation memory server, rewritten in Ruby. Thanks to that the search script can accept any input format supported by Spongiae. Except for that, it should be fully compliant with Elefas Indicus. The web interface is not yet adapted but it will be in the future compliant with both versions of Elefas project.

The package contains:

  • SQL scripts to initiate the server
  • A Ruby script to import a TMX to the server
  • A Ruby script to do a fuzzy search in the server (supporting any format having a Spongiae filter)
  • A Ruby script giving statistics about size of the database
  • A deamon Ruby script which monitors two input directories (one for import and one for search) and launches other scripts when a file arrives

and of course, all the necessary documentation to make it work.

As for Spongiae, two archives are provided:

  • With dependencies, but without guarantee that you always have last version of them
  • Alone, in case you want to install dependencies manually

This tool is still under active development but is almost in Beta status ; you may use it in production but compatibility with future versions is not guaranteed.

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